Sport facilities

tennis 150x150 Sport facilities


200 meters far from our Bed & Breakfast you can relieve your stress in one of the 4 tennis fields with illumination, locker rooms and services.

palestra 150x150 Sport facilities


Doing gymnastics to win the stress of the daily job. Keep fit with gymnastics that involves the whole body, with gradual and measured care, followed by specialized staff. Activities with tools and free body.

piscina coperta 150x150 Sport facilities

Indoor swimming

The swimming as style of life, to reach a state of total, physical and mental comfort.

Olympic swimming pool, small tub for the children, depth 0,80 cm, meters 16 x 8

piscina scoperta 150x150 Sport facilities

Outdoor swimming and summer relax

Swimming in the water to reinvigorate the body. Exploiting the benefits of the movement in the water that determines some vital functions of our organism.

equitazione 150x150 Sport facilities

Riding Ground

Near us the you will find “Circolo Ippico Coneglianese” (250 meters far) that will welcome You with their warm hospitality, and after beautiful walk by horse, Casa Rossi will await you for your deserved rest.

jogging 150x150 Sport facilities


For no doubt running is the oldest sport of the world. A sport that has returned with the trend of jogging.

But why doing so much work? Simple answer: because running is healty.

colline conegliano 150x150 Sport facilities

Walking in the hills

In the marvellous hills that surround us the nature and the clean air will inebriate your body and your mind.

campagna 150x150 Sport facilities

Walking in the country

To rediscover the values of the past, of the authentic forgotten things. Our countries perfume intensely.