What does B&B mean?

On what is the B&B different from other facilities?

Breakfast is included in the price of the overnight, otherwise it will be called only “Bed” and not “Bed & Breakfast“.

This formula allows the traveller to feel at home and in the meantime to enter strictly in touch with the reality of the place where he is staying and and also with the guesting family.
Only in a B&B can take place that meeting which is a cultural exchange that enriches both the traveller and the guesting family. The atmosphere is more human, homely and warm, therefore more relaxing than staying in a cold, anonymous hotel.

During your stay, the hosts are a constant presence for any problem and a valuable resource for information and suggestions to better enjoy the city and region. In a B&B there is the possibility of having customized services. This type of business accommodation offers guests attentive reception with small but great details that make you feel truly cuddled.

It is also a kind of hospitality without restrictions: you can plan your day without having to undergo established times for lunch and dinner. In fact, the owners of the house will deliver its guests the house keys, so they can enjoy their stay in complete freedom.

The B&B is an ideal formula for those looking for something special, different from the same old arranged trip by banal hotel.